Award-Winning Australian Confectioner Creates Stunning Sugar Flowers (76 Pics)


Eating flowers might sound weird, unless we’re talking about sugar flowers. Melbourne-based Michelle Nguyen is among the most decorated confectionery artists who specializes in creating them, and you can probably see why. Her sugar flowers are so realistic that it’s hard to tell them apart from real ones.

When studying her works, one can appreciate that all of the details of a flower look excellent, as the leaves, petals, the blossoms, and the colors are all as impeccable and life-like as the fondant medium and a little food paint can make them. Michelle makes a diverse variety of flowers too: even though roses are among the most popular, she also creates fantastic peonies, tulips, poppies, lisianthas, orchids, and many other beautiful species of flowers.

It’s no wonder why her art is so appreciated: Nguyen has received awards for Best Australian Sugar Florist from ACDN, and the ACADA 2019 Australasian Sugar Floral Artist of the Year, and she is among the best sugar-molding artists in the world. When Nguyen isn’t travelling or making commissions, she teaches others the secrets of her art.


Artist Makes Amazing Realistic Sugar Flowers That Are Hard To Believe Are Not Real


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