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30 Badass Viking Tattoos


With shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom, Viking culture and Norse mythology are on the rise again. They were fierce, great sailors, and had excellent hygiene, so I get where the fascination comes from.

An excellent example of just how widely these Scandinavians are beloved is the tattoo industry. Nowadays, people ink all parts of their bodies with Viking weapons, boats, and even their gods.

Bored Panda collected a list of these designs to give you an idea of how these designs look. Who knows, maybe you too are thinking of getting one. And if not, at least you can admire their dope looks!


Work In Progress

Tattoo artist Piotr Szencel, who is also featured in this list, said Viking tattoos are quite popular everywhere but he thinks he feels there’s a difference between Nordic countries and other places in the way they express the same ideas. “I think here in the North, the source of inspiration is more genuine,” Szencel told Bored Panda. “That history lies within families’ roots. It’s real culture that is still alive, just maybe a bit hidden. For example, when I got a request for a tattoo from an old man, he brought a photo of a Hammer of Thor necklace, which his family found back in the day, and it was passed down from generation to generation as a family treasure.”

“That necklace is now at a historical museum in Gotland. We did the same one on his chest but in my style. That’s a fairly simple and popular motif for a tattoo but that background makes it extraordinary.”


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