24 Of The Best Star Wars Memes Ever


Ah, Star Wars. Little of the epic sagas need so many explanations, theories, and arguments like this one. If you haven’t seen any of the movies, but wish to do so, the first question is in what order should it be watched. Don’t worry; there are many theories about that too! The most popular though is to start with episode IV, then V, II, III, and lastly VI, leaving episode I all together, as it doesn’t add much to the story. Now, when you’ve got the correct order, and watch all of the movies, it’s time to dig deeper into the depths of Star Wars fandom. And what comes first in mind? Memes, of course! With films as big as these, there sure are plenty of Star Wars memes around. We strongly advise you to really watch the movies first, as the Star Wars jokes might spoil the joy.

Probably the most Star Wars quotes come from the good old Yoda because it’s always fun to mock his particular way of speaking, while most of the Star Wars puns come from Luke Skywalker himself, whose antics just begs for teasing. No matter which of the characters is your favorite one, you will definitely find a funny Star Wars meme about him in our lists below. May the 4th be with you!

#1 At One Point Luke Was The Only Jedi left

At One Point Luke Was The Only Jedi Left


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